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Core CRM Functionality
For each contact (person) or structure (linked company) the core CRM functions are:

  • Adding / Searching Tasks
  • Scheduling and Viewing Appointments (Calendar)
  • Entering Notes
  • Adding / Retrieving Documents
  • Linking contacts (lawyer, accountant or financial planner) for the entities

Organizational Charts
​BlackBox organizes related persons and companies such as family trusts, operating companies or holding companies, in a relational graphical chart.
Moving from one entity to another is as easy as clicking on the object related to that entity. This makes finding tasks, appointments, notes or documents related to that entity very efficient.

Information including financial data is linked through connections and flows from the lowest branches to the top layer.
Workflows links regular tasks that are required to perform for commonly managed processes such as “New Client Intake” or “New Account Opening”.
You can create as many Workflows as needed. Workflows are built using basic blocks such as appointments, tasks, questions, fillable forms and other objects such as e-signatures.  

As workflow items are completed, the tasks, appointments, documents and notes are automatically entered into the Blackbox system. You may also track the progress of each workflow through a graphical display of the steps completed and the next upcoming actions.
Client KYC and NetWorth
In addition to CRM functions, you can also track client financial Know Your Client information and Assets and Liabilities for each entity within the primary client organizational links. This makes BlackBox an ideal system to link with financial back office systems, financial planningsystems such as RepVisor and banking platforms.
E-Forms and E-Signatures
Blackbox has built in Electronic Form Management functionality with E-Signatures. We can integrate any of your in-house fillable forms and link the necessary fields to the data elements collected with the BlackBox CRM system. This is usually done during the initial implementation and rollout phase of the project for our institutional and corporate clients. The completed forms can then be passed to the client via a client portal, where your clients can read, review and sign the electronic forms from the safetly and comfort of their home.

For the clients who want to have a more streamlined E-Signature system, we also integrated the DocuSign company's E-Signature platform which works seamlessly with BlackBox.
Client Portal and Android App
Your clients can access the documents, tasks, appointments or fillable forms through a secure client portal. All you have to do is give them access and share selected data with them.

We also provided a native Android App whcih you can download. This App will give you the capapbility to access your client information from your smart phone.
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