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Adaptive CRM

The easiest to use CRM system designed specifically for Financial Professionals, Accountants and Lawyers.

Simplify Your Contact Data
BlackBox is designed to link all your client's family, corporations, businesses, trusts, contacts in one easy to understand graphical chart.

Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Documents of these entities will all be linked. Information will be one click away for you to access.
Graphical Organizational Charts for the selected client that links all their entites and tasks in one screen.

Graphical Workflows that make task tracking easy.

Advanced Functions
Create your workflows and track the progress graphically.

Workflows can include Tasks, Appointments, Decision Trees, Documents, E-Forms and E-signature Requests.
Your corporate data forms can be digitally signed using our built-in E-signature functionality.

Alternatively, we have a fully integrated DocuSign in our E-Signature platform.
BlackBox can upload your fillable forms and map the CRM data to the data fields.

We provide form integration and data mappint customization tasks free of charge to our corporate clients.
BlackBox links the family members and all business entities related to the primary client and all other entities in a grapphical format.

This makes it easy for you to service your client needs effectively. Nothing is lost and all data is very easy to find.
Smartphone App
We also have a native Android App which you can download free of charge when you are using the BlackBox System.

With our BlackBox Android App, your client lists, contacts, notes, appintments will be at your fingertips.
Full Integration With Back Office Systems
Our system is designed to work with existing financial back office systems and other financial applications such as REPVISOR. We have linked our system with Financial Broker-Dealer systems such as Winfund and Viefund using secure data exchange protocols.

Upon request, we can import your existing client data or link your existing system to our platform. Our technology team has been providing services in the IT industry for decades. No matter what your integration needs are, we have your back.

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